Recent Yacht and Boat Repair Projects

Devoti Finn restoration

Makeover for 20 year old Devoti Finn. Removed fittings, cut and polished deck plus cockpit ready for installation of modern centre cleating mainsheet block. Installed control rope cleating fittings, to customer specified layout. Removed and replaced flooring anti slip mats

Devoti Finn restoration Devoti Finn restoration

yacht and boat repairs yacht and boat repairs

Finn foredeck and mast deck collar ripped apart after the mast base plug split from the mast and caused considerable damage. Made and installed new mast deck collar slide, machined new mast collar and spacers, repaired hole in the side of the hull and then filled, faired and painted deck and hull.

yacht and boat repairs

Port/Starboard incident crash damage, follow the repair project.

yacht and boat repairs

Bottom gudgeon repair on Starling yacht, carbon fibre rudder stock.

yacht and boat repairs

Fabricated and installed new carbon fibre thwart and traveller track to replace broken parts.  

yacht and boat repairs yacht and boat repairs

Worn out OK dinghy rebuilt to like new condition, including new bottom mast adjuster, reglassing all bulkheads where broken free from hull and deck, installing tube drainage from front tank to cockpit, new adjustable top mast bearing structure, installation of foam stringers to stiffen boat, filling and fairing hull bottom.

Complete repaint and installation of all new deck gear.

Finn restoration

Marten Mk3 Finn modernisation.

Installed stringers to stiffen the hull, reshaped side tanks for helmsman comfort, installed moveable mast deck ring structure, reduces hull weight by 5kg through removal of unnecessary bog, resin and cloth, restrengthened key hull stress points with carbon fibre, replaced heavy front deck with light weight fibreglass layup.

Finished hull prior to painting can be viewed on Yacht and Boat Repairs title page.

yacht and boat repairs yacht and boat repairs

Updated Mk2 Marten Finn. Rebuilt transom, installed new cockpit dump tube, new rear cockpit bulkhead, new floor stringers to stiffen hull, new mast sliding deck collar set (as per below) and removed gelcoat from hull and deck to reduce weight.

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