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2019 Update

dinghy parts and repairs

When the famous ocean racer designer Juan Kouyoumdjian redesigned the Devoti Classic Finn to create the Devoti Fantastica, he gave her a flat bottom with elliptical hull section and reduced the rocker profile to the absolute minimum as allowed in the rules. Basically the Fantasticas have made the Classic obsolete.

So with NZL193 upside down ready for a repaint after finally finishing her hull to the Classic shape by sucking in the bow sections, one had to ask “can we put a flat bottom on the old girl like a Fantastica?”.

Sure we can. So we did. And boy what a difference it has made. Bearing in mind I now have a Finn with a Classic front, a Fantastica rear and the old Marten Marine sheer line.

Down load or view my musings on Flat Bottom Finns here.

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2017 Finn Masters

dinghy parts and repairs

Trekked with 8 fellow Kiwi's to Barbados for the 2017 Finn masters.

In a borrowed Devoti and using a Wilke mast. Let myself down with not adjusting to the conditions and getting a setup with the boat to suit. Boat was fast in the flat patches but I could not "change gear" in the rougher patches and heavier winds.

Met plenty of interesting people in the Finn Masters community and made friends with many. Planning to do better in Denmark in two years time. Unfinished business.

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Custom 40mm Main Sheet Pulley

The standard mainsheet pulley for the new boom was too long and caused boom and traveller pulleys to clash when sheeting the boom onto the deck and with the traveller fully outboard.

Designed and built a 40mm mainsheet pulley that hangs just 70mm below the boom.

40mm soft attach pulley 40mm soft attach pulley
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Building A New Finn Boom

Building the new boom started way back in 2009 but it never got finished, hanging in the shed and being used as a straight edge or support structure for other building or repair projects. Constructed from three alloy extrusions. The top out of a single 32x32mm box section and the bottom from two 43x15mm sections, each with a wall thickness of 1mm. Glued together using a two pack, methacrylate type adhesive.  Follow the new Finn boom build here.

new Finn boom new Finn boom
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2015 Finn Gold Cup

dinghy parts and repairs

I'm in there somewhere amongst the 80 Finns on the start line at Takapuna. 20 years to the day when I did the last Finn World Champs

Sailed consistently into last place every race but one. Enjoyed it immensely despite being sick as a dog with a savage throat infection that required some strong, doctors prescribed, medicine.

Suffered from having too stiff a mast and boat combination in the choppy seas and heavy airs. Spoke to plenty of Finn luminaires and now have a list of ideas on how to soften the bow of the boat.

Follow the 2016 Update to soften the bow of the boat.

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