Broken Finn Wing Mast Repair -- Part Two

Part Two of the Broken Finn Wing Mast Fix. View Part One.

The join was scarfed back 100mm each side of the insert and a 300mm long patch layed up. Roughly filled and faired.

carbon spar repairs

Before we can start to see what the mast bends are the mast heel plug, mast track and top sheave need to be installed.

This custom made heel plug features a halyard sheave in a machined pocket to enable the halyard to be led back up through the deck ring and to a pulley on the front of the mast.

Not a fan of a hole in the side of the mast as a halyard exit slot and to push down on a halyard to get the sail up. Much prefer to pull on a halyard to raise a sail.

It would be possible to rotate the heel plug and have the sheave at the back of the plug in order to raise the sail from the cockpit. Good for those who change sails between races.

carbon spar repairs

New Sail track glued on. Track is a piece of alkathene water pipe. Stainless rod used to keep it straight and level. Glued on using the magic HPR25.

To be filled and faired and a carbon fibre layup over the top. Slot to be cut using diamond blade on the angle grinder. Sail feeder to be fabricated from carbon fibre.

carbon spar repairs

Top sheave and halyard lock mocked up in their correct positions ready for installation. View the detailed guide on how to install a halyard lock in a Finn wing mast.

Continued in Finn Wing Mast Fix -- Part Three.

carbon spar repairs

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