Broken Finn Wing Mast Repair -- Part Three

Part Three of the Broken Finn Wing Mast Fix. View Part One. or View Part Two.

With the mast back in one piece, a trial run to see what the mast bend numbers were was done.

Whilst the addition of the flat edge on the back of the mast stiffened it considerable, it was not enough however to meet the bend figures desired.

In the past we have stiffened masts up with layers of standard uni carbon. The number of layers required added considerable (up to a kilo) weight to any mast.

So off to C-Tech Ltd we send the mast to have high modulus prepreg carbon layers added. Stiffer and lighter mast than if we had used standard carbon unis in a wet layup.

Assembled the mast ready for mast bend calculations and a test sail.

carbon spar repairs

These are the mast bend numbers we ended up with.

While not achieving directly the Wilke or Hit mast bends desired (especially low down sideways stiffness), we can ease the sideways tip slightly to improve the "flick" that opens up the leach in a puff. Fore and aft stiffness low down can be can be eased slightly with removal of carbon from the front of the mast below the deck collar.

carbon spar repairs

First couple of test sails were in light air and the mast performed really well. Feels powerful but the ultimate test will be in over 12 knots of wind. Can I hold it up?

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