6.3mm Internal Tapered Mast Halyard Lock System

Suitable for all tapered masts, either in carbon fibre or aluminium, with the following specification constraints.

1 -- Halyard sheave must be at least 38mm diameter.
2 -- Halyard sheave position must project the halyard into the centreline of the mast section.
3 -- At 100mm down from the sheave centre, the mast section must be at least 18mm deep.
4 -- The mast section matrix must be strong enough to enable a 60x13mm slot top be cut.

Tested and rate to 100kg (220lbs) static load.

halyard locks halyard locks


Halyard Lock --
CNC machined from 6061 marine grade aluminium plate. Lock has a 4mm slot and wide 6.8mm return hole.

Halyard --utilises 2mm 7x19 strand high grade flexible stainless steel wire strop rated at 220kg. Tail is manufactured from lightweight 3mm polyester braid. Strop and tail are internally spliced with the braided cover pulled over the spice and wire letting the 4mm thick splice slide though the slot without binding.

Talurit -- Manufactured from rivet grade brass and features a large 6.35mm head (for increased holding power) and a 4mm shank to centralise the talurit in the lock, maintaining even loading on the wire strop.

Shackle -- Standard with either a Wichard 1441 or Ronstan RF633 4mm Bow Shackle, or optionally to customers specifications . Note -- the shackles are tightly crimped by the ferrule and cannot be easily replaced.

Full technical data specifications can be downloaded (right click and "save as" to download)

Pricing (all prices in NZL dollars and exclude GST)

V-Tech_318 -- 6.3mm Internal Tapered Mast Halyard Lock --------------------   $75.00

V-Tech_314 -- 13 metres of 3mm halyard, 2mm s/s strop and 4mm shackle --$100.00

Lock installation guide has not been completed as yet. Call back soon.

halyard locks

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