6.3mm External Halyard Lock For All Masts

A smooth jawed, external halyard lock designed to be kind to knotted rope halyards.  Suitable for 3mm dyneema cored, or similar non stretchable, braided cordage.

halyard locks halyard locks


Lock --
CNC machined from 6061 marine grade aluminium plate. Lock has a 4mm slot to enable easy slotting of a 3mm halyard (also suitable for 4mm cordage).

Raked hook for strong holding power. Anodised in black for easy viewing of brightly coloured halyard and knot in the lock. Smooth and rounded lock jaws for long halyard life.

24mm radiused rounded bottom to fit snugly and tightly on most dinghy masts. 5mm Mounting holes at 48mm centres. Easily fitted by pop riveting. Pop rivets fit into rebates to help prevent halyard chaffing.

Halyard -- Any 3mm braided non stretch cordage is suitable (rating of 300kg breaking strain recommended ). Simply attach the 6.3mm External Halyard Lock near the top of the mast. Place a stopper knot in the halyard (Double Overhand is a good one - or figure eight with extra turn around the halyard - see below) and tie the sail shackle at the right length from the Mast top distance mark (or black band). Sail shackle knot or whipping must clear the masthead sheave when the lock knot is pulled clear of the jaws to lower the sail.

Ensure the halyard stopper knot has a clear passage through the masthead sheave. Reset sail shackle knot (not the stopper knot) if cordage has stretched slightly after initial use.

Pricing (all prices in NZL dollars and exclude GST)

V-Tech_349 -- 6.3mm External Halyard Lock -------------------------------- $50.00

halyard locks

Tying The Figure Eight Knot With An Extra Turn

External Halyard Lock Knot

Standard figure eight knot.

External Halyard Lock Knot

To create a extra turn figure eight knot, create the standard figure eight knot loop but before leading the tail through the loop.

External Halyard Lock Knot

Run the tail around the halyard an extra turn.

External Halyard Lock Knot

Before leading the tail back through the figure eight loop.

External Halyard Lock Knot

Pull tight whilst massaging knot to create a "fat" version of the standard figure eight knot.

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