Rope Code Paint

Rope Code is a touch, flexible, water-borne urethane copolymer designed to act as a binder and colour coder for uncovered braided synthetic fibre rope.

The coating will protect and bind the braided rope to reduce chafing while increasing wear resistance and fibre binding. Typically used on

rope code paint

Rope Code Paint is available from Vanaheim Technologies Ltd or from the following suppliers

rope code paint rope code paint

Fineline Marine Ltd -------------------------------NZRigging Ltd

View Rope Code Paint - Product and Material Safety Data Sheet. (PDF format, right click and "safe target as" to download).

Available in clear plus five colours to enable quick identification of multiple ropes (other colours available on demand).


  1. Ensure rope to be coated is free from dirt, grease, and all other contaminants (cold water wash in detergent - rinse well).
  2. Rope that has been washed to remove salts may be left slightly damp, though not wet.
  3. Shake Rope Code Paint container well, immediately before use.
  4. Soak, wipe or brush on Rope Code Paint. Work well into rope fibres (twist rope open slightly to ensure penetration).
  5. Squeeze and wipe off excess coating. Let dry (15 to 45 minutes depending upon ambient temperature).


(all prices shown in NZL dollars and excluding GST)

500 mls   $32.00

1 litre      $58.00

4 litres    $220.00

Volume related discounts available on request. Campaign Packs, in bunded containers, available in sizes and colour mix to suit individual requirements.

rope code paint rope code paint

As manufacturers we can modify the Rope Code manufacturing formulation to suit individual requirements.

Require more stiffness in the rope for added chaff and wear resistance ?
Require less colour strength (or create special colours to your specification) ?
Require a thicker version for easier hand application (but less braid penetration) ?

We can supply (pricing will vary from those shown above) to your specific requirements.

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