Recent Carbon Fibre Spar Fixes

How not to repair a cracked mast. Longitudinal cracks had simply been filled and faired with light weight filler powder and epoxy. Then "wrapped" with woven carbon cloth to "fix" the cracks.

Not really a long term fix as any weakness such as cracks, voids, etc. left in the matrix, will ultimately fail through the carbon "working" under load, as seen here.

carbon spar repairs

A proper fix. All suspect rubbish removed, new internal full diameter sleeve constructed to distribute heel bearing loads, half internal sleeve constructed to slide inside the mast past the deck bearing area and a half external sleeve constructed to cover the repair from heel to deck bearing.

All surfaces glued and fixed in place with double wrap of woven carbon cloth.

carbon spar repairs

Not just carbon fibre masts but also any sporting equipment. Such as this racing bicycle frame. Steering boss was cracked and the aluminium bearing hub compressed out of shape.

carbon spar repairs carbon spar repairs

Top bearing hub straightened (we could have just as easily machined a new bearing hub) and the cracked carbon fibre replaced with a custom patch. Easy and low cost repair on a carbon bike frame that cost more then most dinghy carbon spars.

carbon spar repairs

Finn mast refurbishment - Perfectly good spar with worn out components including the deck ring, heel plug, gooseneck tangs, mast head pulley, halyard, halyard exit box plus kicker ropes. Machined new customised deck ring and heel plug. Note cutout in heel plug to take halyard exit block.

carbon spar repairs

Halyard exit block is angles to prevent halyard chaffing on top hold-down screw. Screws are tapped into heel plug. Uni carbon layed up at 90 degrees prevents splitting of the carbon matrix.

carbon spar repairs

Repaired gooseneck tangs and machined customised new boom bolt to fit. All fittings replaced and new halyard fitted (3mm non-stretch dyneema cored).

carbon spar repairs

Typical repair on carbon fibre spars. Localised loading on the carbon matrix has resulted in cracks, delamination and potential failing off the carbon boom carrier. Layed up new interior lining patch and strengthened exterior surfaces with custom designed carbon layup.

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