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If what you require is not here, or you have a specific need for customised equipment, contact us for a quotation.   We can design, machine and fabricate any part to your individual requirements.

If the Finn part you need is not listed, it is a sure bet to find it at the Suntouched Sailboats online shop. Not just Finn parts but clothing, covers, compasses, windexes, hikers, etc., etc.

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In particular you will find the Finn Parts page here

New Products Just Released

Harken 144 Swivel Base Packer

An acetal plastic packer suitable to mount a Harken 144 Swivel Base, for the main sheet ratchet block, at the correct height from the cockpit floor to make main sheet cleating easy.

When used in conjunction with a Harken 296 15degree angled riser under the cleat, the mainsheet can be ergonomically cleated and uncleated without effort.

More information about the V-Tech_370 -- Harken 144 Swivel Base Packer

Mainsheet Cleat Roller Fairlead

This mainsheet cleat roller fairlead features narrow 18mm slot to better guide mainsheet into the cam cleat.

High roller position makes uncleating easy and mainsheet trimming, without cleating, effortless.

More information about the V-Tech_368 -- Mainsheet Cleat Roller Fairlead

Finn Boom Bolt

Finn Boom Bolts are manufactured from Stainless steel with solid 16mm screw thread to enable the boom bolt be tightened onto the large 25mm washers, enabling mechanical grip between the boom bolt washers and the mast gooseneck cheeks. Reducing the potential for elongation in the 16mm carbon hole. Compression forces are spread over a wider area.  The only boom bolt you will ever need.

More information about the V-Tech_353 -- Finn Boom Bolt

Finn boom End Extentiond

Finn boom outboard end extension sheave box is designed to lessen the angle the outhaul enters the boom when the sail is at the boom outer distance mark. Suit all Finn booms (Needlespar, Holts, etc.)

Replacement for any existing boom outboard sheave fitting, either on new booms or old ones where the end of the boom has been perforated like Swiss cheese with many and varying sheave fittings.

More information about V-Tech_352 -- Finn Boom Outboard End Extension

rudders gudgeons and pintles

8mm Rudder Gudgeons, Pintles , Bearings plus Transom Spacer Pads.

38mm rudder cheek width. 5mm Mounting Holes To Match Existing Fittings

More information about V-Tech_347 (full set of hull flanges, rudder straps, pins, spacers and inserts.)

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