Finn Halyard (suit V-Tech_310 6.3mm halyard lock)

Suit wing Finn masts with masthead halyard lock.

Featuring 13 metres of 3mm braided polyester rope and a 400mm long, 2mm 7x19 strand super flexible stainless wire strop (rated to 120kg).

Strop is internally spliced, with the outer cover slid over the splice and strop to allow smooth feed through the 4mm halyard lock slot.

Talurit is made from 6.35mm diameter rivet grade brass and pressed on.

Distance between the inner end of the shackle ferrule and the ball of the lock talurit is 200mm. Shackle being a Wichard 1441 or Ronstan RF633, 4mm bow type.

Download the Finn Halyard Technical Bulletin.

Part Number V-Tech_314 -- Finn Halyard ---- NZ$100.00 (excluding GST)

Finn halyard Finn halyard

Tested to 100kg static load when used in conjunction with V-Tech_310 -- 6.3mm Halyard Lock

halyard lock

Halyards has the shank of the talurit facing back towards the shackle end so that the ball is presented to the lock first. This prevents the shank jamming in the lock slot. As the ball passes the lock hooks, the shank slides up the slot and sets the ball square in the lock.

This prevents uneven loading on the wire strop and eventual failure of the wire. It is advisable to put a little smear of vaseline (petroleum jelly) on the ball before pulling up a sail, to lubricate the lock.

If talurit ball is too tight on other manufacturer's halyard locks, simply file ball to size around the widest external circumference (usually down to 6mm dia).

Tested to 100kg static load when used in conjunction with V-Tech_310 -- 6.3mm Halyard Lock

halyard locks

View the 6.3mm Halyard Lock Installation Guide for a halyard lock in a wing masts (right click and "save as" to download)

halyard locks

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