8mm Rudder Gudgeons and Pintles

Available as a complete set or as individually components, these custom made gudgeons and pintles are a direct replacement for Finn fittings, used on rudders and hulls, currently.

Slimline design to bring the pintle centreline as close to the hull (if preferred) and rudder as possible.

Solidly built but lightweight, for long lasting and slop free performance.

Part Number V-Tech_347 -- 8mm Rudder Gudgeon & Pintle Set -- NZ$190.00 (ex GST)

Scroll down to view individual gudgeon or pintle part numbers and pricing.

rudder gudgeons and pintles rudder gudgeons and pintles


Minimum Pintle To Rudder Length
15mm Top Spacer
13mm Bottom Spacer
4x5mm Transom Mounting Holes
Over height Spacers
Extra Long Bottom Pintle
Bottom Pintle Retaining Pin Hole
Acetal Plastic Bearing Inserts

- Benefits

- Minimise Un-Balanced Rudder Tendency (10mm Rule E3.4.)
- Set Pintle Centreline Maximum Aft (30mm - Rule D9.1.1)
- Set Pintle Centreline Maximum Rake (2mm - Rule D9.1.1)
- Direct Replacement For Existing Fittings
- Prevents Rudder Fouling Transom Flanges Mounting Bolts
- Easier To Slide Rudder On and Off
- Allows Easy Pin Placement To Secure And Remove Rudder
- Long Life and Smooth Operation


Flanges and Straps

- Material

- CNC Machined 6061 Grade Anodised Aluminium
- 8mm Stainless Steel Rod Tapped and Screwed
- Acetal Plastic
- Acetal Plastic

Hole Centres

Hull Flanges
Rudder Straps


- 4x5mm Holes 57x17mm Rectangular Pettern
- 3x5mm Holes @ 30mm Equal Spacings


Rudder Straps


- 38mm Internally Between 4mm Thick Straps


Rudder Straps
Hull Flanges


- 23mm
- 30mm
- 40mm


Transom To Pintle Centreline
Pintle Centreline To Rudder


- 15mm Minimum To Pintle Centreline (can be padded)
- 10mm From Pintle Centreline

Pin Lengths

Rudder Pintle (upper)
Hull Pintle (lower)


- 30mm
- 60mm


For Full Set


-430 grams


Anodised Finish


- Black Standard - Other Colours and Neutral To Order

Individual Gudgeon and Pintle Fittings

rudder gudgeons and pintles

Rudder Gudgeon Fitting Including Insert

Part Number V-Tech_347_RG

NZ$55.00 + GST

rudder gudgeons and pintles

Rudder Pintle Fitting (30mm long 8mm pintle)

Part Number V-Tech_347_RP

NZ$55.00 + GST

rudder gudgeons and pintles

Hull Gudgeon Fitting (including insert)

Part Number V-Tech_347_HG

NZ$45.00 + GST

rudder gudgeons and pintles

Hull Pintle Fitting (60mm long 8mm pintle)

Part Number V-Tech_347_HP

NZ$45.00 + GST

rudder gudgeons and pintles

Spacers For Hull Fittings (standard size 15mm top and 13mm bottom) Other sizes made to order.

Part Number V-Tech_347_SP

NZ$25.00 + GST

For supply contact us directly using the details at the top.

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