At Last The Finishing

After the fabrication all the exterior joints were coved and glassed. Where glassing onto the old existing deck the gelcoat was completely removed.

Two coats of epoxy resin were applied over the plywood to act as a final sealer plus basecoat for the coating system.

dinghy parts and maintenance

Right trough the construction process the hull had been weighed to ensure it remained light enough. Hull weight prior to painting was 89 KG. (including bottom mast step and bailers)

Low weight meant we could be generous with the volume of paint applied. Coating system applied was Ameron 579 2-Pack Acrylic Polyurethane.

dinghy parts and maintenance dinghy parts and maintenance

Closed cell foam rods were hung under the foredeck to provide positive buoyancy while a 150mm long "tunnel" under and around the top deck ring opening (similar to those used on early Vanguards) prevents the bow from flooding if the boat is ever upside down.

View close ups of the Finn fitted out

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